All About Matcha Tea And Its Benefits

Matcha tea has started to trend on social media platforms for a while now, and one of the main reasons this tea is still famous is because it does what it claims. Not only does it taste amazing, but it also is one of the healthiest drinks you can probably have and is extremely good for your health.

Matcha tea is a drink that can be found in any coffee shop and, ironically, also belongs to the green tea family but is very different than your usual green tea. While the traditional green tea is made by pouring the tea leaves in hot boiling water to make the concoction, matcha tea is made with the help of grounded tea leaves, so when you drink the matcha tea, you are, without a doubt getting more of the leaves’ nutrients as compared to the typical green tea. 

History Behind Matcha Tea

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Records state that green tea goes all the way back to the eighth century in China, and the whole process of making powdered tea from dried tea leaves was extremely popular in the twelfth century.

Matcha tea was discovered by a Buddhist monk called Myoan Eisai, who found that when he drank the tea, it improved his mediation sessions, and he brought it along to Japan with him. Because of this very revelation, the Zen monks started drinking tea to enhance attention, and it was a widespread practice where the monks sacrificed a bowl of this matcha tea to the Buddha. This was one of the rarest forms of the tea ceremony and has even survived to this day.

Another thing to know is that it became extremely famous in the west during the sixteenth century and was considered as a drink only meant for the rich due to the Japanese aristocracy to whom this green tea was available. 

The Health Benefits Of Matcha Tea  

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Matcha green tea has a whole class of antioxidants called catechins. It is well known to have a catechin called epigallocatechin gallate or called EGCG, which is believed to help fight cancer in the body. Many research and studies have linked and tied the matcha green tea to various health benefits and even help reduce and encourage weight loss.  

Matcha Tea Is A Reservoir Of Antioxidants

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Like I said before, matcha tea is the holy grail of antioxidants, especially the class of them called catechins which help in ensuring that there are lesser chances that the individual will suffer from chronic diseases, heart attacks, and these antioxidants play a huge role in stabilizing the harmful radicals that could harm the cells in the body. It is said that the amount of catechins in this tea is more than one thirty-seven times that in any other type or form of green available.  

Matcha Tea Helps You Feel Energized And Up And About 

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Matcha tea could be your new healthy caffeine fix, and this is because this tea, or rather to be more specific, the matcha powder contains more than three times the amount of caffeine other kinds of tea would have or even your average cup of coffee. Considering the health benefits of the Matcha tea, it would be your go-to if you need to pull an all-nighter or need a blast of energy. 

While The Matcha Tea Does Help You Feel Energetic, It Does Not Make You Feel Jittery Later On

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Another fact about Matcha tea is that it contains an amino acid that is known to reduce stress. This amino acid goes by the name L-theanine, which is really helpful for people prone to anxiety and who need to feel alert yet calm. Drinking this tea will not give you a caffeine crash, but it will definitely help with your stress levels. 

As seen above, matcha tea is one of the best health drinks to be found and has a valid reason to be trending as it tastes great and provides a vast variety of health benefits. It may be slightly more expensive than the usual green tea, but considering that it also has an array of health benefits, it is definitely worth every penny.

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