Advantages and Strategies to maintain work life Balance.

Crazy bosses and their deadlines! This had been a non-stop complaint that I got to hear while I was leading a corporate life. Hassle and stress reflected on everyone’s faces and the dread of approaching submissions and stand-up meetings would be the flavor of the office. However, a stark missing point in the aforementioned description is relaxation and balance.

Ironically, in the current world of cut-throat competition and people using each other as rungs to climb the corporate ladder, maintaining work-life balance is becoming a prerogative for the entire working class. So much so, that companies themselves while pitching as recruiters show how much they themselves promote the well-being and happiness of their employees by helping them achieve this elusive aspiration.

So, for all of our readers, who I’m sure are craving balance in the same amounts as Thanos did in Avengers: Endgame, we are here with a few perks of work-life balance and how should one go about maintaining it.

(In case you are a potential recruiter, I am not one who requires work-life balance, please apprise me of any job opportunities:/)

Advantages of having work-life balance

1. Better productivity at work, as well as outside

Have you ever noticed that when you’re stuck with a twisted puzzle for hours, once you leave it alone for a while, you are able to solve it?

While it looks like an insanely bright idea to go nuts with thinking about your work all the time, it actually diminishes our ability to be more productive while approaching tedious tasks. Our brain reaches a saturation level with every thought and requires some time off to process it and come up with solutions.

2. Better mental health

Various studies have shown that maintaining a work-life balance has tangible impacts on our mental health. Companies that allow a schedule that is a little more flexible to accommodate employees’ needs report a tremendous increase in employee morale and overall “happiness index” levels. This is from the point of view of the employer.

(Again, I don’t need any time off, please consider me for your next job opportunity. :/)

From an individual’s point of view, reduced frustration, depression levels, and increased happiness levels should be incentive enough to maintain a healthy balance between your professional and personal lives.

Strategies for maintaining work-life balance

Now that we have established the importance and advantages of maintaining a work-life balance, it is obvious that we now need some course of action to implement it. So, here are some proven strategies for maintaining a work-life balance.

1. Don’t mix business with pleasure

This is a no-brainer. Bringing home your work is not just bad for you mentally, it’s bad for you physically as well (Getting beat up by your significant other/parents can hardly be healthy for you now). Try and complete whatever is a “work” assignment, at work.

2. Get more organized

“How does one accomplish strategy 1?” Let me spell it out for you. Be more organized. Get things clear in your schedule. Make a plan for getting things done in a certain order. Declutter your desk so as to have only essentials there. Have your day planned ahead of time. Set clear goals for your day and accomplish them, for the sake of your professional as well as personal lives.

3. Take time off, regularly

In order to avoid burnout, when you’ve completed everything critical on your plate, take some time off and do so regularly. Doing this would give you the illusion of being in a more relaxed sense of motion and it would directly reflect on your productivity and happiness levels.

4. Cut the distractions out

A key reason for increased stress related to work not being completed is people like Brenda, who would come to your desk to chat or to get some tea when you just came back from a tea break with her 30 minutes ago. This stress gets carried back to your home and acts as a deterrent to you achieving the balance that you so truly desire.

Tell Brenda to get the damn cup of tea on her own. Better yet, ask her to go see a doctor if she has such a hankering for tea all the time! We hope with sincerity that you are able to achieve your desired balance without having to wipe out half of the universal population like Thanos had to.

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