9 Simple Ways to Make Letting Go Easy

This is tougher than it looks! Rip off a bandage and it will painless as compared to letting go. Letting go of a loved one, a friend, a job, a hobby, a pet, or anything else for that matter of fact is something I don’t wish on anybody. Quite frankly people at hints of life are always making some changes or the other and I have to bid goodbye to my Cloudflare server again and again. Letting go for you humans isn’t that petty and we give you a method that will make it easy to let go. 

How Does That Work?

In case you don’t get the gist of it, listen to that track in Frozen where Elsa sings her lungs out “Let it go, Let it go, Can’t hold it back anymore”. It’s time for you to turn and slam that door because it is the only way to stop hurting. A simple song, with a life lesson. There is always an emotional baggage attached to the stuff we like. But as a rule of thumb, life takes a jab at us and we end up losing the things we most dearly love. To let go or not is the real question that stands tall. 

Many people don’t address this elephant in the room and for months and months, while others keep dragging that baggage for years on end too.

Where To Begin With?

Why is letting go a necessity you ask? The answer is simple. You need nothing that hampers your growth and not letting go is one thing that you are doing wrong. Every phase in life needs to end and both mentally and physically, you need to be prepared for what’s to come. They say no man should be left behind. But this is real life. People come and go like vehicles on a busy road. Everyone is here to teach you a lesson. Everything that you hold possession of is not permanent. 

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If you are new to this policy of letting go, then of course it is going to look daunting at first. But as you get the hang of it, you will know that ‘letting go of stuff’ is the most practical and handy life lesson to go about. 

9 simple Ways to Make Letting Go Easy

There is different stuff in each realm that everyone has to let go eventually. These some tips which will prove beneficial in any way. 

1. Change Your Perception

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On the surface, things might seem bad to you after a breakup or a fight or a failed examination, but looking at it from another angle and changing your perception will make a remarkable difference. Don’t dwell on why it happened to me? But instead take it as a blessing in disguise and look at how things were set in motion and where they lead.

2. Crying Out Loud for Letting Go

There are no second thoughts on the power of crying and the benefits it comes with. I have an article in stock for you here about that too. Studies have been able to prove that crying your heart out after an incident or going into a state of emotional catharsis, helps with mental pain and agony. What’s more is that letting go of a thing or a person now may seem like totally normal or you might not even shed a tear. But there can be a time in the future where the hidden pain can come to resurrect and make you hurt. It all OK. Cry and vent it out. 

3. Do Something Positive

This is the best advice given among all this list. Don’t let emotion cloud your judgement and instead of doing something wrong and destructive, go for that little light at the end of the tunnel and while going towards that, do something positive along the way. Little things like gardening, writing, social service, going on a job hunt or taking care of animals in the area, can make you heal a lot quicker. 

4. Talk to Someone

If you bottle up all you have to say, within you, then definitely you’re gonna blast sometime or the other. Pretty person reading this, you are a human and not a soda bottle. You can do everything you want but just don’t pop like the soda can. It is not pretty. Talking to someone about letting go can bring you at ease. Also this way you divide your pain and suffering. A window for your rant is a must. 

5. Find a Creative Outlet

One of my co founders has had a lot going on, but she keeps it together by writing day in and out on my back end. Remarkable isn’t it? I am her creative vent. All others who feel like letting go is not easy, maybe try a hand at something creative. It has definitely helped many and maybe can become your coping mechanism. Writing, blogging, painting, dancing, sculpting are some to begin with. Some brave heart I know is letting go of the habit of smoking, she has evolved into one of the most beautiful painters the world is yet to know about and hence the_paint_slingerrr was given birth. 

6. Throw it Away Metaphorically and Literally

I can bet that this one will turn out to be the most used by all of you. After a breakup or a bad relationship, people tend to do away with the gifts exchanged and all such common stuff. This is throwing away something literally. Now metaphorically is when you throw darts at your ex’s picture. All these are ways which will help you throw away all that’s pulling you down. 

7. Let go of Stress

Not only objects and people, but there is also the stress element that many want to let go of. Removing stress is something that isn’t easy but comes with practice. Deep breathing exercises, finding that one thing that clicks and let’s you out of your zone, thinking what’s making you stressed as temporary, laughing, sharing your feelings all help you bust stress. 

8. Thinking Better of Yourself

If a situation, or a person has you questioning yourself, then it is high time you move on. Letting go becomes easier if you know what you deserve and where you want to land. Still if you aren’t in a mental state to think positively about yourself, then make a thorough list of all the things (both big and small) you have accomplished. 

9. Adopt a More mature Way of Thinking

Knowing the fact that it is time to let go of something today is needed, is maturity in itself. The hardest initiate step to the journey of healing is done. Going down this lane, many things and circumstances will erect, making you question your decision. Listen only to yourself and proceed with peace. Think of a person or thing or a situation that you want to let go in a much evolved and mature manner. This will broaden your horizon even more. 

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