8 Reasons Cakes Can Qualify For Your New Bae

The moment you hear it is the moment you want it. We are talking about cakes here. Nothing lewd goes on at hintsoflife. And yes we keep all that under the sheets. (Strict policies you see). Nonetheless, it’s cake time and you will be glad to add these reasons to your list of why to have cake more often. Not that you need any reasons in the first place. But keep some handy just in case the moral diet police catches you off guard. 

A Bit of Cake History

All my Readers please give a round of applause to the Egyptians! These genius civilization was the first to show proofs of baking. Some here craved a cake in their imagination and brought it to life. Our very beloved ‘cake’ hails from old Norse term Kaka. When in it’s developing phase in the Middle Ages, cake was something which looked like a  baked round flat bread with hard sides. 

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And please cut Mary Antoinette some slack (not that she deserves any). But apparently historians believe that it wasn’t her who uttered the infamous phrase “Let them eat cake!” in the 1789 during the French Revolution, but Maria Theresa, wife of Louis XIV. 

Moving on, birthday cakes became a thing in 1785. The fancy term ‘Royal icing’ that pure white icing gets is, comes from Queen Victoria. She asked to put white icing on her wedding cake. 

Why Cake is Bae? 

Enough of history and all that introduction jazz. Let’s get down to the real business and give you 8 reasons why Cake is Bae. 

Cake has Stuck With You Through Thick and Thin

Don’t even try to come up with a time when cake wasn’t there to support you. A breakup, a miserably failing diet, a lost competition, a joyous occasion, any party, any celebration calls for cake. You indulge in that soft fresh cream goodness or that heartily filled up chocolate core, and watch all your worries fly out of the window. 

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If you haven’t tried cake in sad moments, it is high time to begin this ritual already. Commemorate all your happy and sad times with cake. It is so worth it! Fulfill that cake craving anytime, anywhere.

It Is Not Mean

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Have you ever seen a cake talk back to you? Obviously not. See it’s that good. You just consume it and consume it and keep this cycle on loop. Cake won’t bat an eye.  You can eat it however you want or attack it in the most primal way and it will there to look back at you with a smiling tempting face. 

It’s your Comfort Pillow

For those of you who are well aware of the luxury of eating a cake when distressed are doing everything in life correct. You get 100 hintsoflife points. To give you a taste of some cake fantasy, sit back and read on. Think of a situation where you lost a few bucks or did horribly in a paper. And when you return home, there awaits a luscious Choco chip cake in your refrigerator. The sheer joy and happiness that fills your heart is what is called the “cake comfort magic”.

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Time for a reality check. Now read on.

C for Cake, C for Celebration

All those who choose exuberance don’t need a reason to celebrate. Every day in itself is a celebration. But if you want to add cake calories to it then be my guest! Bring in cake anytime of the year, and any mundane day can go from a bleak ‘bleh’ to a high ‘hallelujah’. 

The Best Surprise Since Ages

There is a high possibility that your friend or a family member might not like what present you get them for their hap hap happy occasions. But a go tempting, beautiful cake will always work its way straight to the heart. Try investing in your friend’s favorite cake for once and you will see the difference it makes. 

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Not that anyone’s wondering, I’d prefer a chocolate truffle anytime. 

The Sheer Cake Beauty

Ever looked at a cake from a different angle? Get your Snapseed self out and take a minute to adore a cake before you dive into it with both hands. See that perfection with which the smooth fondant covers the soft bread? Take a look at that design the icing makes. The flavors of chocolate, vanilla, ice cream, double mint, red velvet, strawberries, fresh fruits and a ton of others. The best part is imagining that soft, creamy filling that is inside. Have you ever seen anything so damn scintillating?

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Cakes come in all shapes and sizes and we love them without a doubt. You would definitely want to eat that little cute cupcake with purple frosting, infused with silver edible balls sitting on a choco lava gooey filled base. 

Cakes Can Take Over Any Meal, Any Day

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It is foolish to underestimate the power of cake. You bring a cake home and count everything that is attracted to it. From your daughter to your dog, wants a piece. See the gravity a cake comes with? It is so powerful. Nobody will have an opinion when it’s in the room. Also no meal is powerful enough to throw over a cake. It is and always will rule to stay, the undefeated champion it is. It is a healthy eating habit.

Carry a Cake and Become Popular

There is no secret as to why any small or big bakery will put it’s cakes up front. You will directly stop to gaze at that seductive display that all the cakes come together to make.

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Want to test how cake will make you popular? Make an entry while eating a small cupcake around your office or school premises. If not possible, then spread a rumor that you have cake slices for lunch. Be boggled with the pure attention you get. 

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