6 Street Foods To Try When You Are In India

When it comes to food, spices, and rich flavor, one country’s name naturally comes in your mind. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s India!

India is known for many things, the famous Taj Mahal, and river Ganga and is famous for its street foods. Indian streets are home to large numbers of food shops and sellers. Indian street foods are by far the most varied in taste and rich in flavor when compared to the rest of the foods found across the globe.

Starting from the bread with fillers in between which tastes nothing like burgers (Pav Bhaji) to something so organic and healthy as Idlis and Dahi Vadas – you name it and India makes it. From the vast stretches of east to west and from north to south, the taste pallet may change, and the food habits may differ but Indian street food tastes nothing like the others.

6 Street Foods To Try When You Are In India

1. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji
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‘Pav’ in Pav Bhaji is simply the bun bread, similar to burger bread and the ‘Bhaji’ refers to an assorted vegetable thick curry in the local dialect. The best variety of Pav Bhaji is available in the streets of Bombay or Mumbai. So pav bhaji is basically bun bread toasted with loads of butter and a finely mixed vegetable curry, rich with spices served with loads of butter (again), all in one.

2. Phuchka

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You know what they say, tinier the bomb, bigger the explosion. You’ll never think you’d be dripping saliva when you try this amazing street food from Bengal, which practically exhausts all the taste buds you have. It’s a round puffy ball that has mashed potato mixed with spices stuffed inside it. Your phuchkas will be served by dipping them in ‘imli’ or tamarind water. No matter how many “paani-puri” or “golgappe” you have tried in various places, your search for the right phuchkas will end in West Bengal.

3. Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki
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Basically, aloo tikkis are boiled and mashed potatoes, mixed with spices, and shaped into pancakes that are deep-fried in oil. Aloo Tikki is widely popular in the northern parts of India. No doubts regarding how amazing it tastes when served hot with a mix of coriander and tamarind ‘chutney’. Even though Aloo Tikki can be made at your home easily, it tastes more heavenly when you have it from the street foods shops. This street junk is the most popular delicacy in Delhi, and you must give it a try whenever you’re visiting Delhi.

4. Chole bhature

Chole bhature
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In case you’re looking for a delicious street delicacy that would act as a complete stomach filler, then here’s the one for you. Chole Bhature is also popularly known as “Chana Batura” in some other places of India like in Bengal. The ‘chana’ is referred to as small-sized chickpea and the ‘bhature’ is a large-sized fluffy ‘puri’ made out of flour and deep-fried in oil. Served hot, it can be eaten along with freshly cut round sliced onion rings, lemon, chilly, and ‘Aachar’. This is popularly available in the northern parts of India.

5. Kathi Rolls

Kathi Rolls
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The magic of wrap around rolls is undeniably one of the precious delicacies of the street foods in Kolkata. These Kathi rolls are mostly wrapped around Kebabs or little pieces of chicken or mutton sliced and squared equally. Rolls are something that not only feels amazing on your lips but they act as real tummy fillers. Once you start having rolls you might not stop before at least four to five of them.

6. Paddu

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These famous South Indian rice balls are incredibly simple to make and have the potential of remaining on your taste buds for a long time. These are also known as appe, ponganalu, or paniyaram. It may seem to be somewhat close to being a dosa but it is on the sour side when it comes to its taste.

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