6 Marvelous Places You must visit in Rajasthan!

Kesariya balam padharo mhare des!

That’s the first thought that echoes in mind after hearing the word- Rajasthan. With the hot, desert landscape, why visit Rajasthan? What are the key attractions for tourists? What is the history behind them? Are there any shreds of evidence of the valor of the Rajput? Is the folklore a myth or absolute truth?

Standing tall with folklores of courageous warrior royals, the Rajputana, and appeasing the eye with its enriching architectural beauty is Rajasthan- the land of great rulers and monumental battles. 

Each city, its distinctive culture, folk songs, and dance forms adds to Rajasthan’s charm. Typical Rajasthani language and the welcoming people make this beautiful land a must-visit.

6 Marvelous Places You must visit in Rajasthan!

1. Udaipur: The Lake City

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Named after its scenic lakes, such as Lake Fateh Sagar and Lake Pichhola, and established by Maharaja Udai Singh II, Udaipur is one of the most glorious historical cities of Rajasthan. It was considered the capital of the Mewar Kingdom. It serves as a hotspot for many royal theme destination weddings.

It has an enriching collection of historical landmarks. Chapels, royal palaces, museums, and royal gardens are all infused with an air of grandeur and awe-striking architecture. The Jag Nivas, the fort of the Sisodiya dynasty, is counted among one of the world’s most romantic hotels. The second longest wall after the Great Wall of China belongs to the Kumbhalgarh Fort Udaipur.

City Palace forms the city’s heart, the royal garden turned museum, Sahaliyon-ki-Bari, and Lake Pichhola, are some unforgettable places to visit in Udaipur.

2. Jaisalmer: The Golden City

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This aesthetic, historical city located near the great Thar desert edges and a few kilometers away from Indo- Pakistan borders has houses painted golden, making it the Golden City, and rightfully so.

It was established in the 12th century by Maharaja Rawal Jaisal and had strong walls for protection, which were demolished by Alauddin Khilji, who attacked it in the 13th century. The haunting tales of Kuldhara village, 15 km from Jaisalmer’s boundary, are famous among the locals. According to the legend, one stormy night, all the villagers disappeared mysteriously. Their spirits cursed the village, and consequently, no one has resided here ever since.

Bronze statues and silver jewelry are the key attractions here. Private residences in royal forts amuse the tourists most. The city is well known for its sandstone-carved architectures like the Titan Gate at Gadi Sagar, famed for its enchanting aura. The 12th-century Jain temple and sculpture and the great Sonar Qila/ Jaisalmer fort are some of the must-visit sites of Jaisalmer.

3. Jaipur: The Pink City

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Gulabi Nagari is the heart and capital city of Rajasthan. In 1876, Raja Ram Singh painted the entire city a pink shade to honor and welcome the Prince of Wales, Prince Edward. Thus, adding another charming detail to the history of the Pink City. 

The capital of Rajasthan hosts a one of a kind free literary festival in India. It is presided over by esteemed filmmakers, lyricists, novelists, writers, and other eminent personalities. The well-planned architecture of Rajputana is evident in the bazaars of Jaipur. Every night the market of Jaipur comes alive with its artfully magnificent lights.

It forms one vertex of India’s golden tourism triangle, with Delhi and Agra being the other two, making it the most visited tourist city in India. The great Amber Fort, Nahargarh fort, Jaigarh Fort, Jal Mahal, city palace, and Jantar Mantar are some of Jaipur’s historical sites to add to your itinerary.

Udaipur: The last stop on our Rajas...
Udaipur: The last stop on our Rajasthan motorcycle tour
4. Jodhpur: The Blue City

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Painted in the hues of sky blue, Jodhpur is popularly known as the Blue city. Situated near the fringes of the Thar desert, it is the largest city of Rajasthan. It is a city older than Ramayana, dating back to the 15th century, and was established by Rao Jodha.

The awe-striking mirror palace, 15th century built Mehrangarh Fort, sandstone screens, Chamunda Mataji temple have significant traces of Rajputana in their soils.

Rajasthan’s most popular dishes, like dal bati churma, ghevar, Mawa kachori, gatte ki sabzi, and malpua, to name a few, first originated in Jodhpur.

5. Pushkar: The Holy City

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Pushkar is renowned for housing the only temple where Lord Brahma, one of the Tridevs of Hindu mythology, is worshiped across India.

In addition to temples in every street, tourists can also visit the great lake with a sunset point in Rajasthan’s holiest place.

Each November, Pushkar is decorated for hosting a world-famous camel fair and pilgrimage. It is a densely crowded month-long fair with decorations reminiscent of various cultures of Rajasthan.

6. Mount Abu: The Hill Station

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Everyone imagines Rajasthan to be a hot, dry, barren, and a desert state. Well, that’s not quite the complete truth. As it resides in the great Aravali range, Rajasthan is famous for its peaceful hill stations too. The state with golden deserts and emerald hills possesses the cold, climbing hill station- Mount Abu.

It is lored to be a forest with magical powers, the forest of Barbuda, is rumored to have been blessed by the Yajnas of Sage Vishwa Mitra and Sage Vashishta. According to the Puranas, the first Rajput man was sent by Agni Kunda sage Vashishtha to defend the law, and justice on Earth first happened here.

The famous Brahmakumari temple welcomes thousands of pilgrims from across the world to reside here. It harbors numerous mini temples and a vast Jain temple of the 12th century. Nakki lake and boating services let you discover its spectacular views, mountain climbing destinations, and a peaceful environment shrouded in snowy clouds.

Rajasthan has been a land of mighty sacrifices of the royal Rajputana, diverse cultures, and brave veeranganas. The epic forts, royal residences, golden desert, and emerald mountains make it worth visiting glorious Rajasthan!

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