6 K-pop Songs That Can Cheer You Up

Korean pop or K-pop has been the craze in recent years with its catchy tunes, sharp choreography, and funky outfits. One of the many charms of K-pop songs is that we wouldn’t know how fun or sad the lyrics are until we look up the translation for the lyrics that are masked by upbeat and catchy tunes. Groups like Blackpink, BTS, Twice, and NCT have been among the front runners of the genre, in recent years. With fun choreography, bright music videos, and often catchy lyrics, the ‘summer’ or upbeat K-pop songs never fail to make people happy and excited.

With that being said, here are 6 K-pop songs to keep you on your toes and bust out your best dance moves!

1. TWICE – Cheer Up (2016)

TWICE - Cheer Up (2016)
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Girl group Twice has been dominating the K-pop scene since the debut in 2015. While they shot to stardom in 2016 with this song, it’s also important to know that all their title tracks since then have been nothing short of upbeat and catchy. So, if you like this one, go ahead and check out their discography on Spotify and Apple Music (or YouTube!) for more peppy tunes.

‘Cheer Up’ shot them to stardom with the catchy lyrics, memorable choreography and cute vocals, and music video that completely captures your attention. So, don’t feel too ‘shy shy shy’ to give this song a listen!

2. NCT127 – Touch (2018)

NCT127 – Touch (2018)
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Boy group NCT127 rarely does cute and upbeat songs, their k-pop songs always focus on the latter. Touch is a feel-good song that never fails to put a smile on your face when you’re listening to it.

With smooth, gorgeous vocals from the current 9-member ensemble, it will surely make you feel like you’re floating among the clouds or strolling down a carnival with some cotton candy.

3. Red Velvet – Red Flavor (2017)

Red Velvet – Red Flavor (2017)
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The 2017 summer hit was in every K-pop fan’s playlist! Red Velvet serves fruity goodness in this catchy song. Red Velvet adds their signature quirk to the music video with the fun and fresh vibe of the song.

Gorgeous vocals, cute visuals, and catchy choreography, the song will definitely stick with you for many more years to come! This song features as their title track for their summer EP ‘The Red Summer’, which features more summer-themed tracks to keep you bopping along. If you liked this, you can definitely check the EP out!

4. GOT7 – Just Right (2015)

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GOT7’s 2015 release is packed with energy, cute visuals, and a sweet message that reminds you to not worry about how you look.

The members feature as tiny people while singing to a young girl that she’s absolutely flawless the way she is. So, not only is this song fun and catchy, it makes you dance while reminding you that you’re awesome!

5. Girls’ Generation – Ooh La La (2007)

Girls' Generation - Ooh La La (2007)

An oldie but a goldie. A song from their 2007 debut album, this is definitely one of the songs that will get you moving in your seat. Nearly 13 years after its release, it still feels like a boost of serotonin while listening.

The then 9-member group was serving the cutest of looks in their beige shorts and hats while only months into their official debut. The song has cute choreography, cute lyrics, and adorably cute vocals delivered to you by the queens of K-pop.

6. Day6 – Dance Dance (2017)

Day6 – Dance Dance (2017)

Day6 is the only band on this list. No choreography is present, but the song, as the title suggests, is enough to make you dance. Dance Dance gives you the perfect 2012 pop-rock vibe to not care about how you look. It’s just that fun of a song.

So here are 6 K-pop songs that will make you feel happy, keep the atmosphere fun and let you have fun by dancing like nobody’s watching! If you like the artists mentioned, don’t forget to check out their discographies on your preferred streaming platform.

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