5 Types of Anklets and How to Style Them

Being a huge trend follower, my research showed that anklets have made a come back again. You definitely ought to catch up with the anklet fad. Women all over the world are dressing up their feet with alluring anklets. We divas at hints of life bring to you everything you need to now about anklets.

Were Anklets Ever Out of Fashion?

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The word “Anklet” has an erotic appeal to it. For reasons unknown styling with  anklets was a far fetched thing to do in the past summer. It was not until the summer of 2019 that celebs started styling and flaunting their anklet laden feet over at Instagram again. This gave rise to anklets yet again. 

A Brief History on Anklets

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This fabulous piece of jewelry has been passed down to us by the Egyptians. It was an everyday ornament for them. Thanks Cleo for showing how to style bold eyeliners and now even anklets ! Around South Asia as well, anklets were adorned and is called by many different names too. even if you are new to the concept of anklets, there are plenty of options to browse. Don’t fret, we have a list of wardrobe essentials and cool piercings to go with the anklet of your choice.

Will They Suit Your Vibe?

It is like all jewelry you possess looks good according to a certain occasion. Obviously nobody recommends wearing chunky dangling to office or minimal jewelry to a wedding or reception or sorts. Also majorly the outfit you wear decides the kind of jewelry that will go with it. 

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Anklets as we know will go around your ankle. It can be a barely there chain to a solid chunky one. They will definitely convey the vibe you are going for. They’ll surely spice up any outfit you wear.

Anklets Galore

All over the web anklets are available in many different colors and types. It is up to you which ones project the vibe you are going for. Broadly saying, there are the following 5 types of anklets which are as –

5 Types of Anklets

Beaded Anklets

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These one are the most easily found in the market and can be made in a DIY project at home too. Just take the beads you want and put them in a thread or wire. You have your anklet ! You may go for any size of beads you want your anklet to have. The small beaded ones will give a more dainty appeal .

Jeweled Anklets

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If you are all for a little bling then reach out for the jeweled ones. They have studs of real or artificial gems in them which make the anklet look more attractive. dazzle your feet with that little extra shimmer with beaded anklets.

Clunky Silver Anklets

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To jut out and add the Bohemian feel to any ensemble, this kind of anklet is the impeccable choice. They can be in the form of a bangle or clunky Silver chain. silver anklets go very well with both western as well as ethnic outfits.

The Stacked Set

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Be a little unconventional and show those pretty feet with spiced up stacked anklet set. Add one from each of the above categories to create a set. also you can add up to three to four from the same category. This way you create yourself a fabulous anklet bunch.

The Frail Chain

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If a barely there anklet is your kinda deal then style it and wear then sleek peace of a chain around your ankle. It sure as hell is elegant and will look minimalist but trendy at the same time. 

Either you purchase or create one for yourself, anklets are here to stay. With so many options out there don’t overwhelm yourself. Look for the perfect one. Also this is not a very expensive piece of jewelry and is really pocket friendly.

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