The 5 step guide for fluent English Speaking

The English language plays a very crucial role in our lives. Since childhood, children are made to recite poems and great focus is given to their pronunciation. This is because English has now evolved into a universal language.

Why is English important?

For the majority of job interviews or entrance exams, English is the essential criterion. Many English speaking courses and language diplomas have prospered in the past. English plays a significant role if you travel to a foreign country or meet foreigners. It also helps in developing communication skills.

“English is an highlight that brightens up the personality.”

It is rightly said that people who speak English are often highlighted among the crowd. It builds up the personality. Speaking fluent English means one can be confident in his or her dealings. It is the source of participation in various competitions like extempore, elocution, anchoring, declamations, and debates.

The 5 step guide for fluent English Speaking.


Reading is the first step toward perfect English. English is a language that should be first read, observed and then practised. All the good speakers that the world has witnessed have all been keen readers. It also helps in sharpening the creative and imaginative aspects of humans. Reading helps in improving your vocabulary. The consistent habit of reading at least 2 to 3 pages a day should be followed.


Along with reading, one should also be good at listening. It helps in activating the brain cells helping you to grasp things quickly. Listening to people who are good at English makes you aware of your speaking. One can listen to podcasts or videos to improve their language. The web is full of listening practices for English fluency that will help you in fixing the bugs. Watching movies or web series that have a conversational style can help you a lot.


Nothing else can help you in improving your language skills as much as speaking. Speaking will make you realize your potential and makes you confident. There is no use in reading and listening if you don’t speak. Thus, practising speaking will help you to examine your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Speaking English in front of your friends, family, and colleagues can help you in improving it easily. Reading aloud the words written while reading a novel can also help you improve.


All of this goes in vain if there is no practice. English is not something theoretical, rather it is something that has a practical use. So speaking what you feel becomes important. All the declamations and speeches that look so perfect to you are a result of months of practice. Often, we look at things and ignore the effort behind them.

People speaking it may look perfect and flawless but the truth lies in the fact that they practice hard. Also, it is rightly said Practice makes a man perfect.


One often feels low and disappointed while trying to achieve perfect language skills. There are times when you feel there are plenty of other people who speak better than you or you won’t ever be able to attain that fluency while you speak. In situations like these, confidence plays an important role. You should accept the fact that mistakes are also important and everyone commits them, but on the other hand, you should not lose confidence. You should be pretty confident that you’ll make it through the hardships.


Fluency in English is not a myth. It is something that one learns and achieves with effort and consistent practice. This article will throw a light on the 5 main steps that will help you achieve language fluency.

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