5 Interesting Points To Your Younger Self

What would be your expression while meeting your younger self?
Is that version simplified or complicated?
Is that version the most enjoyable part of childhood you want to relive?

younger self
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A cup of coffee with self always reminds us of the past. Whether these are appealing memories of childhood or some not to do moments of yesterday, they are a part of us.

People say the past doesn’t define you, but it builds you, whoever you are today!
What if you want to see the world in another way dated 15 years back. You might recommend your younger self to be a little wise, bold, intelligent, tricky, or just being the way you are.

5 Interesting Points To Your Younger Self

1. Would You Praise Yourself?

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Imagine yourself in cute 11, the innocent you far away from the evil tactics of the world. Hold on there, look how simple and easy you are; your innocence is blushing over your cheeks.

Going early in school and gaining a bar of surprise chocolate on your classmate’s birthday is enough to make your day. This small reward has made the day worth it for you.

You don’t have high aspirations and dissatisfaction. You are finding immense happiness in these little things. Praise yourself for your innocence and tell her to flourish these habits forever!

2. Would You Explain To Her The Trust Issues?

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Imagine a little girl who trusts every person that is known to her. That’s not her anomaly; it’s her sweet age that teaches her. She believes in the goodness of the world.

She is unaware of the world of selfishness, misery, and cruelty. Would you tell her not to trust everyone she meets? You can’t because unless she faces such a situation in her life, she won’t understand. Instead of this, you can explain to her the consequences of trusting anyone blindly.

You might tell her to believe in her own and trust her inner values. All that is needed in the world is just believing in your truth; no one can break you until you believe in yourself!

3. Would You Give Her A Tip Of Life?

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Imagining a 15-year-old version of yourself, the most confused state of life. She is perfect on her own need a little direction from her future one. Which tip do you have?

In that version, you might be willing to say a sole thing to her, “Don’t do anything you don’t want to”. Think based on your principles what’s worth doing and what’s not. So, you don’t have to criticise anyone for what you are today.

Don’t do things which you are not willing, so that future doesn’t regret the past.
Be faithful to yourself, make decisions, and be ready to face the consequences. Goodwill brings you motivation, and bad will get you lessons, the treasure of life!

4. Would You Tell Her A Wish?

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A wish that can reconstruct your future. A wish that can shower your relationships. Longing for a better you. A desire of younger self that you will compromise in the future, say her to love her dreams.

Let her don’t underestimate herself. It’s okay to have mood swings; she is a girl facing many invisible rules of society. It’s absolute to not being perfect; all that matters is who she is?

Say her to sail in the voyage of her dreams, aim, and expectations of life. Let your dreams fly, don’t negotiate them. Do wish!

5. All You Need Is Courage!

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You know that it’s essential to spend some time with yourself. Either by writing diaries or by writing a letter to the younger self.

It is very soothing to remind the Cheerful memories of the past. You might have a breakdown while doing so, but do face it. Trust yourself at once; you won’t regret the decision.

So roll up your sleeves and go ahead to meet the innocent and charming younger you!

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