5 Important Facts about Personality Development

What do you perceive whenever you hear the word Personality? A person with good and developed looks with proper dressing sense. This phenomenon does not end here. Personality development depends not only on your looks and dressing but also on a lot more. Here I am going to tell you about Personality Development and its aspects.

What Is Personality Development?

personality development
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Personality Development means to develop good thoughts, behaviour, and feeling which makes individual divergent from other.

Facts Of Personality Development

facets of personality development
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  1. Physical
  2. Psychological
  3. Spiritual
  4. Virtuous
  5. Social
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Physical facet –

Physical personality, in essence, refers to the appearance of an individual, which includes Dressing style and Physique. It is considered one of the most important aspects of personality but not wholly. For instance, if you’re going to a party with a lovely dress up, but you don’t know how to behave appropriately, it will affect your personality. So, Physique is essential but not compulsion in personality development.

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Psychological facet – It means that your psychology makes you different from another individual in behaviour and thinking. For instance, some people are very open-minded (you may call them optimistic), and some are very narrow-minded (pessimistic) two different psychological personalities.

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Spiritual facet – Spirtiual personality growth and development is one of the influential and extensive segments for personality because it depends upon the individual’s inner-self, way of seeing the world. Meditation is the most pleasing way to improve your spiritual personality as it will help you see the world with an optimistic vision rather than a pessimistic one.

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Virtuous facet – The word ‘virtuous’ itself confines the elucidation of the virtuous aspect of personality development, which is a person with high ethics and values. A person with righteousness, audacity, grit, precision, and common sense is scrutinised as virtuous or a personality with virtue.

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Social facet – By linking up all the aspects of personality, social personality development occurs. The social personality is something you manifest in front of society, including your physique, psychology, virtue, and inner self.

Ways To Improve Your Personality

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CONFIDENCE:- The first and foremost thing is confidence. To flourish, keep one thing in mind: never compare yourself with anybody as it will demoralise you. Always think that “I am the best.” Prosper with your talent and accept the criticism positively. For instance, if somebody criticises our talent, we often lose hope and confidence, but this is not so; take every criticism optimistically and try to improve that because nobody is your competitor than you.

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SPEAKING:- Speaking is also a factor in personality development. It defines your thoughts and manners. Speaking does not mean talking continuously without listening to anyone’s opinion, but it means listening, think, and speak if requisite.

To extemporise speaking skills, you must be a good listener and gain more and more knowledge (practical rather than bookish). Another way to improvise is to express your thoughts confidently and freely in front of anyone. Remember, expressing your thoughts deliberately does not mean to twinge on somebody’s emotions or values.

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LANGUAGE:- Whenever we hear the aspect of language in personality development we offtimes think to speak in English but this is not so. You can express your thoughts in any language you have good command.

However, in my opinion, we all must learn the English language because it is spoken worldwide and it would be easy to express your thoughts if you are in any other country rather than your birthplace. Be sure not to use slang accents in any professional meeting or debate, affecting your personality.

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PHYSICAL APPEARANCE:- Your physical appearance also matters in your personality. Physical appearance is not a compulsion but a concern. For instance, if you are in between some professional party or meeting, your dressing sense will significantly impact the people presented there.

It would help if you kept in mind that with physical appearance, your thinking, thoughts, and way of talking also matter; otherwise, there is no use of perfect dressing and appearance.

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MENTAL APPEARANCE:- Along with your physical appearance, your mental appearance also matters. You may think it is our internal body process, how it will affect our outer personality, but it matters a lot. If thoughts of our mind are positive, we will speak good things, and if thoughts of our mind are negative, we will talk bad things that will give a negative impression publicly and to us.

The main reason for pessimistic thought or lack of peace of mind is our busy schedule and helter-skelter of city life. To get the tranquillity of mind, we can go for meditation (only 10 minutes a day). It will improve our mental health and give our personality a unique charm.

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MANNERS AND BEHAVIOUR:- We have heard the term “good and bad manners” while studying in primary classes, all the same, it is very pre-dominant and chief concern in the personality development aspect.

Respect everyone, keep yourself clean and neat, don’t speak hurtful words, follow a good diet and etiquettes sounds like childish but these are things you have to keep in your mind for a lifetime. There are many aspects in manners and behaviour:-

Respect everyone, as it does not matter somebody is older or younger, you should respect all because respecting others adds a plus point in personality.

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Hygiene is also a concern as keep yourself and your body clean. People will not keep connections, and it will affect your personality if you don’t maintain cleanliness in yourself and your surroundings.

Dining manners or eating manners is also very compulsory in your personality as sitting between people you should keep basics things in mind like do not talk while eating, wear bib before eating, don’t throw food here and there, wash your hand before and after the meal, eat slowly and chew food properly. All these small dining manners will give magnetism to your personality for sure.

Small improvisation in life will give you a bauble personality. So follow these small ideas to get a fascinating change in your personality.

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