5 Benefits Of Meditation You Must Know

With prolonged exposure to urban and semi-urban settings, most of us tend to lose connection with ourselves. We forget to hear each other and ourselves because of our busy lifestyles. There are no two ways to calm ourselves but meditation under such compelling circumstances. If we take just half an hour of time and give it to ourselves every day, we might get back so much more! 

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Meditation helps in improving your emotional intelligence, helps in sharpening your focus and increases your attention span. With daily meditation you start paying more attention to minute details of your daily life. Nowadays, with everything instant, our attention span has taken a toll.

5 Benefits Of Meditation You Must Know

1. Stress Reduction 

Stress Reduction
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Everyone knows that meditation is bound to kill off stress. With the kind of stress, we endure on a daily basis is alarming. It is quite natural for you to feel agitated with people around you and with yourself. Misplaced anger is a result of mismanagement of stress. 

With meditation as your daily habit, you are most likely to keep calm and focus better. With better breathing practices you will be using your patience levels better. You are less likely to get irritated quickly. You will look for solutions and answers instead of fixating on your problems and impending deadlines.

2. Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence has four primary aspects to it. They are – Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. The ability to use and manage your own emotions while tackling various challenges and aspects of your daily life is your emotional intelligence.

Even though it is a relatively new concept in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, the importance of managing your emotions remains undeniable. The better control you have over yourself, the better you become towards your surroundings.

The calm and relaxed version of you will be able to win difficult situations and tackle matters more efficiently than those who are not so well guided by mindfulness. Your behavior and approach towards your surroundings will increase your general acceptability.

With better breathing techniques you are bound to calm down. Daily meditation will help you relax your nerves. Your emotional intelligence will get better, which means how you react to a few situations will change and for the good.

Instead of reacting to your critics, you will be inclined towards responding to them. 

3. Better clarity and focus

Better clarity and focus
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Different people have different ways of life. Many people work without being present in the moment. Sometimes, we work and think about something else. With meditation you are bound to find better focus in what you are doing.

You will be more aware of who you are and what you are. You will be able to focus on yourself and the work/assignment given to you. You will be living in the present and choose to be that way, which is a very positive aspect of meditation. 

4. Handle your Addictions 


You have every bit of an idea that addiction is a dangerous loop that keeps coming back to you no matter how many times you try to avoid it. Meditation is the first step to become self-aware, and it helps in the identification of the number of addictions you might be having.

Handle your Addictions

Once you realize that it is either smoking or spending too much time on social media, you will realize that there are reasons for your addictions. Overthinking and dissatisfaction with oneself is one of the primary reasons behind your addictions. With meditation, you learn how to make peace with yourself and heal from within. 

5. Undeniable health benefits

Undeniable health benefits
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If you turn meditation into a daily ‘to-do’ then you are bound to keep control over not only your psychological side but also your health in terms of physical being.

Meditation helps in keeping the blood circulation perfectly functional and all across your body. This better blood flow can help in keeping every organ in your body a health boost. 

Meditation helps you in boosting your immunity system, in regulating hormonal discharge and in reducing cellular inflammation. You are bound to have a better heart rate and smoother bowel movements. 

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