Simple 3 Ingredients Food Recipes For You To Try As A Party Host

Did you land up on this page looking for easy spring and summer recipes that you could make on holidays and savor them with your friends and family?

You have come to the right place! You will find yourself making these 3 ingredients food recipes in the kitchen as soon as you finish reading this!

Four Simple 3 Ingredients Food Recipes For You

1. Chocolate Fudge Pops

Chocolate Fudge Pops
Source: Recipe Diaries

Chocolate fudge pops are the perfect, mouth-watering chocolaty treat for your taste buds. See your loved one’s face light up as they dig in! Wondering what these fudge pops are made up of? Definitely not fudge. They are made from frozen milk consisting of chocolate milk.

This particular recipe is unique in its way. For starters, it’s sugar-free and can be made vegan.

Make sure you have a popsicle mold or something similar with you before you start. If you’re a nut kind of person, you can add the nuts to the mix or add as toppings while freezing. Adding a banana or two will enhance the flavor.

3 Ingredients

  • Chocolate pudding mix (sugar-free) – 1 packet
  • Almond milk – 2 cups
  • Whipped cream – 1 cup for topping


  • Start with taking a large mixing bowl and beating all the ingredients together.
  • Blend it well for 2-3 mins.
  • After pouring the mixture into the moulds, cover them with handles.
  • Allow them to freeze for 7-8 hours. Enjoy cold sugar-free fudge pops!

2. Crock Pot Dip

Crock Pot Dip
Source: Simple Nourished Living

This recipe is an easy-to-make appetizer for your get-together parties! This cheesy dip is a heart winner! Anyone will go crazy after having it once. Make this recipe with 3 ingredients and a slow cooker. No work at all!

3 Ingredients

  • Ground beef
  • Velveeta cheese
  • Rotel


You will be surprised at how this dish turned out to be!

  • Take the ground beef and brown it, then drain all the fat.
  • Take a crock pot and add cubes of Velveeta cheese cubes.
  • Add ground beef on top and add Rotel. If you want more consistency, you can add half a cup of milk also.

This dip will instantly become your favourite to try it with your favourite snacks.

3. Dole Whip Recipe By Disney

Dole Whip Recipe By Disney
Source: Bustle

Well, if we can’t go to Disneyland, Disneyland can come to us! Recently, Disney released a few of its recipes to enjoy Disney flavors at home. The infamous dole whip recipe is among the most loved Disney park treats!

You will be amazed to know that it needs only three ingredients. No wonder It’s on our list.

3 Ingredients

  • One scoop of vanilla ice-cream
  • Pineapple juice – 4 Oz
  • Frozen pineapple – chopped 2 cups


  • Put all the above ingredients in a blender and blend it.
  • Take a star piping bag and fill it up with a mix.
  • Swirl it into bowls and aloha! Your dole whip is ready.

A lot of variations can be made. Top it on pineapple juice or spike it up by adding a bit of coconut vodka or rum. You can even add chocolate and tutti fruity as toppings!

4. Strawberry Poke Cake

Strawberry Poke Cake
Source: Kraft Foods

There is no season to eat a lovely strawberry cake! Enjoy it at picnics, baby showers, or family gatherings with 3 ingredients that are easy to find. For more flavor, top it with whipped cream and some strawberries as well.

In case you are wondering what poke cake looks like, it seems like it has been poked. It has holes, and when we add something over the cake, it seeps inside through those pores. Aluminum straws come handy when poking a cake. Be careful not to create a mess.

This recipe calls for a white cake, which is preferably sugar-free and also strawberry flavored gelatin.

3 Ingredients

  • Gelatin – 1 box
  • Water – 1 cup boiled, half cup cold
  • Toppings


  • Start by baking your cake and cool it.
  • Make the gelatin by heating it over, streaming a bowl of hot water, and then stirring in a bowl of cold water.
  • Pour the gelatin on the cake and watch as it seeps through.
  • Please keep it in the fridge to set it for a few hours and add toppings later!

So which one of the 3 ingredients food recipes are you going to try? Tell us in the comments below!

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