15 Fashion Mistakes Every Short Girl Should Avoid

Being short and petite can come with a lack of self-confidence because of the way society treats you. One cannot do much about their height, but one can definitely up their fashion game and dress to make themselves look taller. What all the short girls need to do is to stop opting for certain clothes and styles that might make them look shorter. Here is a list of blunders that short girls need to stop committing to look like the divas they are:

1. Oversized Bags

Oversized Bags
source – luxe.digital

Short girls often make the mistake of carrying oversized bags, which might make them look overwhelmed. Always carry a directly proportional bag to your size to make yourself look taller than you are.

2. Platform Sandals

Platform Sandals
Source – racked

A little platform is fine, and it does provide a little boost to your height, but shoes or sandals with extreme bulky platforms make a short girl look almost as though she’s walking on a tightrope whilst wearing stilts. Instead of making you taller, platform shoes make your legs look shorter.

3. Baggy Jeans

Baggy Jeans
Source – racked

Baggy jeans do not look flattering on short girls and instead make you look bulkier and shorter than you are. It will also create a wide bottom-heavy figure that will make you look the opposite of how you want to look. Instead of baggy jeans, opt for skinny-fit jeans or flared jeans that will make your legs look elongated.

4. Long Skirts

Long Skirts
Source – bewakoof

Long skirts have the power to diminish short women further, making them look plump and chubby. Instead, every short girl should opt for a short skirt that is flared from top to bottom. The skirt that you wear should look like the petals of a tulip, making your legs look like the long stems of the flower.

5. Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses
Source – gidagkp

Maxi dresses can be overwhelming for petite girls. Wearing a dress above or at the knee is one of the best ways to elongate our legs and look taller than we actually are. However, if you still want to wear a maxi dress, make sure that it’s a well-structured dress rather than baggy.

6. Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle Strap Heels
Source – popsugar

Footwear with ankle straps cut the legs off right at the ankle when our goal is to achieve the opposite. However, if you are still a big fan of these shoes, you can go for a strap in nude color or the one that matches your skin tone to divert attention from that area. The strap should be as thin as possible.

7. Big Belts

Big Belts
Source – elle

If you are a fan of big belts, I urge you to reconsider what you’re buckling around your waist. The issue with belts is that, in reality, they divide your body in half. So, if you’re wearing a thick belt, it will shorten up your upper body by a few inches, making you look shorter.

8. Tunic Tops/Long Kurtas

Tunic Tops/Long Kurtas
Source – voylla

Oversized and loose clothes such as Tunics and Long Kurtas will be pretty overwhelming for more petite proportions. It’s best to wear flattering bodycon dresses or cropped tops when your height is short. If you must wear Tunics and Kurtas, then it is advisable to create some sort of shaping with the clothes using thin belts, etc.

9. Wide Leg Pants

Wide Leg Pants
Source – themomedit

Wide-legged pants are definitely trendy and look super cool, but the extremely flared pants don’t look good on the petite. Pants this bulky and voluminous tend to swallow up the entire frame of short girls. If you want to go with the trend, you can still wear them but opt for pants with less flare.

10. Shirt Dresses

Shirt Dresses
Source – popsugar

If you belong to the shorter set, wearing a shirt dress should be a no-no. It can easily engulf you and make it look like you’re accidentally wearing an oversize style. Short girls can wrap dresses or dresses with a cinched waist to get that flattering look and elongate their height by a few inches.

11. Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal Stripes
Source – today

Horizontal stripes usually will make you look voluminous instead of elongating your height. Clothes with horizontal stripes make eyes go side to side if viewed from afar. Short girls should go for vertical stripes, which gives the illusion of a longish frame.

12. Knee-Length Boots

Knee-Length Boots
Source – thursdayboots

Mid-calf or knee-high boots could chop your legs in half. Tall boots hide away the length of your legs which looks so unflattering when you’re short. Short girls can go for ankle-length boots, and if they really want to style knee-length boots, they should wear them with high-waisted jeans or leggings. This will help show off your legs which makes all the difference in elongating your height.

13. Big Prints

Big Prints
Source – vogue

Monochromatic colors are usually considered more flattering and give a chic look rather than big prints that can engulf your height. Monochromatic colors immediately generate the deception of height. Dark colors also are a great alternative to create this illusion of height as they make the person look thinner, further enhancing the person’s height.

14. Shorter Length Neckpieces

Shorter Length Neckpieces
Source – dreamingtreecreations

Neckpieces that cling to your neck or are shorter in length make your neck look shorter as a result. Therefore, instead of a shorter neckpiece, opt for a longer length that is V-shaped or with a long pendant. This will help create an illusion of an elongated neck and longish torso.

15. Oversized Sweaters

Oversized Sweaters
Source – society19

Oversized sweaters are perfect for a cold winter day, but if you are a short woman, you must avoid these if you want to look taller. Oversized sweaters will do nothing to enhance your frame, but instead, they will take away few inches of height from you. If you still love these sweaters, then opt for the ones that are more body-hugging to get that defined waist.

Now, you have the correct style guide to avoid certain clothes and pull them off in a much better manner to distract others from your petite frame and create an illusion of height.

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