14 Fantastic Yoga myths & facts To Know

Yoga is a great way to work on your flexibility and strength. Yoga is for relaxation. Through so many asanas, your body gets the exercise its needs. Check out the 12 ways why yoga is the best practice here. You will get the focus and attention that you need to build.

People say that doing yoga on a regular basis with contribute to weight loss, is a cure for heart diseases, helps to fight back depression and much more. But are all these factors a myth or a fact is still a big question. Let us know if these claims are true or false.

1. Yoga makes you feel good

True. One of the major reasons why people do yoga is because it makes you feel happy and good. It makes you feel relaxed.

In the year 2005 there were reviews on yoga’s effects on anxiety and depression and it was found beneficial especially for women. Yoga pumps up levels of neurotransmitter GABA which lifts up mood and surpasses anxiety level.

“Yoga calms everything down, it helps remember to take a breath no matter how life is harsh at me”,


2. Yoga is all the cardio one needs

This is certainly a myth. Anyone who does yoga, knows that it doesn’t leave you sweaty and all tired. Yoga is nothing compared to an aerobic exercise.

boy and girl meditating

So yoga doesn’t make you physically tired, instead it relieves you from fatigue, tiredness and makes you healthy and fit mentally and physically.

Its a fact! Doing yoga on a regular basis will have less chances of heart diseases.
Yoga is an exercise that will heal you from within and hence you will not face any of such heart diseases.

4. Yoga is more suited for women

It’s a myth. But the fact that it’s not only for women its for anyone and everyone. Today yoga gurus are mostly men and are irrespective of their cause, gender. All that one requires is an open mindset.

5 . Pregnant women should not be practicing yoga

pregnant woman doing yoga

Its a myth! Yoga has all befits and faculties to keep the body and mind relaxed. But make sure that you are practicing yoga under supervision of a yoga guru. Various yoga asanas have been exclusively designed by TYI keeping in mind the condition and individual requirement of the pregnant women.

6. Yoga cannot be custom made

girl doing headstand

Its totally a myth! Every person’s body has different needs. All yoga asanas can be modified, keeping in mind the individual requirements of each individual in mind.

7. Yoga means Hindu- religion only

Nope a total myth. Yoga is a way of living and it has nothing to with religion. Yoga is performed by all races and genders. So its not only bound to a particular religion or caste.

8. Yoga is simple and anyone can do it watching videos online

Myth myth myth! Today, if you browse internet or go through a bookstore, you will find more than 20 different yoga books that will say ‘learn yoga in just 10 hours’ or in 21 days. Many have fallen into this trap and are being mislead. This is an impulsive way of learning without any supervision or guidance.

girl meditating

Yoga seems to be simple but you need a proper mentor and guidance towards it.

9. Yoga is only bodily postures

boy doing yoga

A myth obviously. Yoga is comprehensive. It’s sutras talks about asanas. Patanjali has 8 unique branches called the “Ashtanga Yoga” for developing ones personality. It involves practice of certain principles like Pranayama (breathing techniques) and many more. Its not about blindly following externally imposed rules, its about finding your true self. The practice should start with the body and then the goal should be finding your true self.

10. You should be flexible

A myth. The fact is that as one ages, the bodily movements become more rigid and the body becomes more stiff. Its not necessary that when you start practicing yoga your body should be flexible. One can begin practicing it at anytime. There are simple asanas which will help you become flexible and can be adapted to your life. The practice should be a combo of strength, balance, concentration and flexibility.

11. Yoga is for young people

When people think of asanas, a common misconception does arise. But yoga is for everyone, it is for all ages. It just requires dedication, consistency and practice. Anybody can start practicing yoga at any age but under the supervision of a guide.

people doing yoga

It has been seen that people aged above 60 years are able to perform complex asanas such as Shirshasana, with much ease and perfection. Its practice will make you perfect.

12. Its time consuming

outdoor yoga

Its not necessary that one should spend a lot of time on it. Initially 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes before sleep is beneficial. If you have time then you can exceed it. Each yoga session should include 10 minutes of asanas, 10 minutes of Pranayama and 10 minutes of meditation. Its the best way to relax when you have stress.

13. Yoga means total lifestyle change

Yoga will definitely change your lifestyle. There should be moderation in what one does.
It doesn’t mean that you need to be switch to a vegan lifestyle, you can adapt to be a vegetarian, rather than eating meat or junk food.

outdoor yoga

But a lifestyle change requires more than dietary adjustments, it should involve change in the way you think, service to others, ethical behaviour, respecting all the religions, and genders.

14. Yoga is not for asthma patients

What a total myth! If you are an asthma patient then you should definitely practice yoga that involves asanas, Pranayama and meditation. Breathing exercises of pranayama are especially beneficial as they give the required oxygen in a sufficient quantity which will help you reduce the effect of the disease to a great extent. It will also help you reduce the intake of the medicine. Thus yoga has a therapeutic benefit of curing an asthma patient.


So you might have got to know that yoga is beneficial for oneself and practicing it in your daily life will keep you away from diseases, combining a ton of other benefits.

We would like to hear your take on the subject matter. Tell us what yoga myth have you most commonly heard of.

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