12 Zodiac Signs: Discover The Inner You

You might have come across people asking about your zodiac sign. Why do they do so? Zodiac gives insight into your personality, ambitions, nature, and exactly the type of nature you possess. That’s why some people what to know about the zodiac sign of the person they meet.

What are the zodiac signs? How much they describe our personality? How is it able to forecast every day of our life? Do the sun, the moon, the stars, and the planets rule our lives, or are we ruling them?

What Are The Zodiac Signs?

Zodiac signs are those signs in which the Moon was present at the time of your birth. This is one simple way to describe this; others are birth chart and Nakshatra.
There are four categories in which twelve zodiacs are classified. They are directly linked to the elements.

The first element being the Earth element which includes Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; second is the fire element which includes Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius; the third element is the air element, including Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius; and the last element is the water element including cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.
Every zodiac is related to an element, symbol, and its characteristics.

The 12 Zodiac Signs



A person belonging to this zodiac sign is known to be a rational thinker and is independent by nature. They are impulsive but highly focused, most of them are volatile, and Mars rules them. They are known to be hot-headed, people with short tempers and explosive anger. While they are characterized with that, which is true, they are also one of the most loyal people you will meet, and they will always have your back no matter what.



This sign is ruled by the planet of love and compassion, Venus. They have a great commanding ability, liberal thinking, and have joyful life in their middle and old age.

Sometimes they can be restless but otherwise highly influential. They have a distinct personality of their own. Due to this, they can build a unique and attractive personality among a crowd of monotonous people. Taureans tend to be insanely stubborn as well and often have a never-give-up attitude. They are the model employees and are the people you would go to to get your work done.



The zodiac is greatly influenced by its lord Mercury. As the gender of mercury is not certain, the impacts of it are also mixed. The natives are fond of women and possess curly hairs; they are highly creative and always tend to create something innovative.

They have great persuasive power and have their interest in the knowledge of scriptures. Geminis are people who are extremely curious and have to know why what happened. They are also known as the Zodiac’s social butterflies because of their love for knowing and meeting new people.



Ruled by Moon, Cancer is an emotional sign, and being ruled by the Moon makes the Cancerian the most charming in the group, most fortunate. They are influenced a lot by women. They will have lots of ups and downs in their journey.
The individuals with this Rashi are sensitive, caring, thrifty.

They are also highly emotional being ruled by the Moon, and hence, there is no surprise that they are sensitive and passionate by nature. They also prefer to be home and enjoy a cozy and warm night rather than being partying.



Ruled by the Sun, Leo is a fixed sign. The natives being so bold, and the blond is the Sun is a male, fiery, and golden-colored planet.
Leos tend to be unhappy, unprejudiced, generous, determined, proud, and noble.

Leos are the charmers of the Zodiac. They are natural leaders, and they love being under the spotlight. They are very loyal people as well, and you know that when shit hits the fan, they are the people who will remain and have your back. They are also people who tend to get angry quickly, so think twice before you cross them.



Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is an earthy dual sign having south direction. Some physical features of individuals born with Moon in Virgo are lovely complexion and melodious voice. They are righteous, placid, self-loving, environmentalist, talkative.
They have an interest in dancing and singing.

Virgos are people who are the thinkers of the Zodiac. They are very ambitious by nature and people who believe that only hard work can get you to places and have the innate need to be successful; they will make their dream come true because they will be working towards their goal and will nothing distract them from it.



A masculine sign ruled by Venus, Libra is an airy sign with a movable nature. The Libra is holy. They are clever, rich, friendly, and have a love for the arts. Librans are people who love being in love; they hate being alone, which is no surprise because they are ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet for love after all. They also love materialistic things and earthly pleasures and are the person you would go to to help you have a good time and enjoy yourself and let yourself loose.



Mars rules a feminine sign. Scorpio is a water sign with a fixed nature. Moon in Scorpio is weak; thus, the natives are sad, frank, wealthy, hasty, and stubborn.

Scorpios are known to be quite intense people by nature and exceedingly stubborn. They are people who would not back down from their point, even when they are wrong, and need to be calm. They will stick to their point or argument and are the kind of people who will never, never do as you say. They are also extremely sensitive and often use their stubbornness and intense personality as a mask to hide their sensitive side.



A masculine sign ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is a fiery sign with a dual nature. They have artistic, creative, have high IQ and, have a reflective mentality and good inheritance. They are people who love exploring and just being amidst nature. They are also sincere and are the kind of people who would rather address the issue to your face rather than hide it and keep it in. They also hate liars and would prefer honest people and come straight to the point to be around them.



A feminine sign ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is earthy and movable. The individuals born under the Capricorn sign are virtuous, insightful, and inconsistent. Also, they are clever, agile, and wise. Capricorns are extremely responsible people, and they hate lying. They are the kind of people to who you would entrust any sort of responsibility, and you know that they would get it done. They are incredibly dependable people who take their responsibilities seriously.



A masculine sign ruled by Saturn, Aquarius is fixed in nature, and a water sign. Various physical features of Aquarius people are beautiful and attractive. These people are sensual, artistic, tactful, alone, and obscure. They are the progressive thinkers of the zodiac and are incredibly resourceful people. They are the people you would turn to know the answer to your problem, and they will have more than one solution to every problem you face.



A feminine sign ruled by Jupiter, Pisces is a water sign having a dual nature. The natives have a dazzling body and are attractive. They are submissive to the opposite sex.

Later on in life, these people become a devotee to god. Pisces are extremely spiritual people and people who tend to live in their heads more than in the real world. They are known to be the dreamers of the Zodiac, and rightly so because they tend to detach themselves from the real world and live in their dream world more.

Zodiac designs a fundamental section of your life; it signifies your behavior, way of expression, personality, and customs you adapt. The Zodiac signs are also signs that help you determine and know your dominant personality traits.

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