11 Tips on How To Adapt Self-Care Balanced Life

“Self-care” takes on different meanings for different people. It is a simple concept in theory, but we underrate the word very often. Have you ever thought to see if you take care of yourself? Almost everyone can answer that with a yes, but genuine confusion happens when the question becomes – How can you take care of yourself?

Self-care often gives rise to misconceptions, like it is going to salons and having your spa and facials regularly or having a 1-hour long bath every day to take care of your body. Well, let me walk you through the definition first – it is an act to take utmost care of your mental, emotional, and physical health altogether, and no, it is not selfish to practice self-care.

Self-care is not something which one can force on themselves, it is a routine which, when followed, should give us immense pleasure. Self-care is key to a balanced life, which helps to reduce anxiety and give a significant improvement in mood. 

Now the question arises – how to adapt the methods of self-care? First, you need to understand you will take some time to find your rhythm and routine. So have patience and just focus on the basics.

11 Tips on How To Adapt Self-Care Balanced Life 

1. Plan activities

Plan activities

Self-care is something you actively plan. Make plans, let others know about it so you feel more obliged.

2. Conscious mind

Conscious mind

Whatever you do, do it with a conscious mind. Ask questions like why are you doing it, what is the outcome and how it feels. 

3. ‘No’ List

'No' List

Make a list of all the things you dislike doing or wish not to continue anymore. Stick to the decision of avoiding those activities. It can be attending calls on a dinner table or checking emails on the phone, anything.

4. Diet


Wholesome care must involve a healthy diet. Nobody is asking you to go vegan, but in your comfort, choose nutritious food.

5. Sleep


Usually, adults need 6-7 hours of sleep, but depending upon your physical requirement you can make necessary changes. If your body is asking for more rest, do not ignore it.

6. Exercise


It not only takes care of your physical wellness but also increases the serotonin levels in your body, which leads to a cheerful mood. Make a routine of things you like to do as an exercise. You can choose from a varied variety of dances, pilates, or any sport you would like.

7. Medical Routine

Medical Routine

Make sure while adapting a self-care regime, you do not ignore the regular checkups to make space for other indulgent activities.

8. Relaxing Activity

Relaxing Activity

You can select any relaxing activity like meditation or walking. It will only take 10-15 minutes of your day. And you can practice it anywhere.

9. Family Time

Family Time

When you are with the family, it gives you a feeling of content. Make sure you never cut down on your family time at the cost of any other stuff.

10. Feel-Good Time  

Feel-Good Time

You need to plan an activity daily which makes you feel good. It can be anything like going to the cinema, shopping, or cooking. Spend some time doing that activity. It will really help you feel delighted.

11. Laughter


Just stick to your routine and look for every opportunity which can make you laugh. You can also create that by playing with toddlers or watching comedy shows for some time of your day.

We have discussed the easiest way you can welcome the self-care regime in your life. But like everything else, self-care also requires practice. Make a 15-day routine and follow it religiously. Post that, recognize the difference in your lifestyle, then you won’t stop following the practice for the rest of your life.

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